Monday, 23 November 2015

the excuse post (otherwise known as: don't get too excited)

Edinburgh fringe 2015: another missed opportunity for a blog post
I'm not really sure what's happened to this blog in the same way I am about my keyboard: I know that the keyboard is broken so I have to use the on-screen keyboard to type "k" or "l" and that it is pretty much my fault it's broken in the first place but I'm not sure how.

I've been starting to try to fill up my weekend socialsing or whatnot when I would normally be working on a blog post (just to specify I mean during the time I would be working on one, I don't spend full weekends typing away for here, otherwise my blogposts would be of a much higher quality). When I would have taken photos for my blog I'd rather take photos for instagram and frankly as much as I like a good text heavy post, I prefer to have images somewhere within my posts.

Technically I have way more free time than I've ever had as I get free periods at school but I'm finding that I'm just getting less done as I feel less motivated. It's not even for just here, it's in everything I do: school, journalling even sleeping (which may sound ridiculous but it's true).

This is an excuse post and I'm fully aware of that but I just wanted you to know why I've been so quiet on here.

I'm hoping that typing this will motivate me as blogging really does help me during winter but we'll just have to see.