Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Yellow Rose

Above is a petal from a yellow rose my Grandpa received whilst he stayed in a care home before he passed away, it was given to him as gift from a friend when they visited who picked it from their garden. The first time I saw the rose it was bright, freshly grown and full of beauty that could only be found from a rose. It's odd to think that if I didn't nosy around my Grandpa's room I wouldn't have even noticed it, and even if I didn't the rose would have still been working its individual rose magic. 

Our last visit to the room, where the rose was ageing on it's lonesome, was filled with silence. We packed away remnants of a life which came free with familiar smells and memories. It was almost like a backwards room tour as instead of entering something new and learning all the sentimental value of every crevice in a space, we were returning the space before it had gained it's value. A new beginning. Suddenly I saw the yellow petals mixed between the bin bags and picked it up, deciding to keep it home. 

I'm not entirely sure why I was so intrigued by the rose, perhaps I was just being superficial and liked the idea of having something pretty to look at whilst lazing in my room. However, there is no denying that the rose reminded me of my Grandpa in some ways: he was a wonderful man, who grew popular in the community by his singing and by being extremely likeable. Even if you didn't know him, that did not stop him being his wonderful self. Even if he can't continue his virtues, they still exists in the memories of others.  

Rest In Peace.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Mom Jeans and Celebrities

Hello guys! So over the past two years I've completely lost any love for jeans that I used to own...well until mom jeans came back into fashion. Skinny jeans, at least for me, seem to have this talent of making their way into every outfit even though they aren't necessarily that comfy at all. Eventually I came to the conclusion that skirts are a lot easier to deal with and found myself going on online shopping sprees for skirts. 

However, then mom jeans came back into fashion and I ended up going back on my word and buying a pair from Topshop anyway (to be fair, they are a lot comfier). So I thought I should post a few outfits as they haven't yet graced this blog;
 Here I paired them with a crop top from a charity shop (originally from Topshop) with an unbuttoned vintage blouse (also bought from a charity shop. I also paired this with my blue jelly shoes from Primark.
 This is a look slightly inspired by Madonna in the 1980's with her corset like tops matched with chunky jewellery (however I do say this very loosely). I wore the jeans with a polka dot strapped top (and yes I do realise that this is too small for me, don't worry I'm donating it asap) over a black top with lace detail.

On the note of Madonna, I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be a celebrity nowadays. When you find yourself known to media, every detail they can find out about you is under scrutiny. Often you can't relate these images to the person actually in them: when they are dealing with mental health problems, only their point of breakdowns are are reported so they can be portrayed as crazy; if they normally treat people well, newspapers will replay a video of them being rude to someone to convey them as mean. It's so important to remember that unless you know these people, you should not assume you do.

If you disagree with me or just wish to say anything feel free to comment below! See you soon!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Why blog?

Hey there again! Happy September everyone! I seem to have a few months old photos from the Lake District that turned out okay when for some reason in my mind I thought I already posted any of the decent looking ones of Instagram!! Enjoy my thoughts!

The Lake District is a place that I find to be very inspiring. Every year we stroll around, seeing the sights, reading on the occasion and I always return full of ideas (whether they get used is another story). This year was no different having scrolled down any random detail into my notebook yet I never really made any blog posts and explored the new topics that I wanted to explore. Which remembering has made me realise I've done that with a lot of (unpublished) blog posts recently.
top - Call of the Wild, jeans -Topshop, boots - Dr Marten

Originally, this blog was created as a place to share anything I wished to share. It seemed necessary to have a place where my quiet and slightly awkward self could be its quiet and slightly awkward self.

However, that was over a year ago and I know to you eels out there that can live over 150 years old this may seem a touch silly (you know, almost as silly as acting as if eels would read my blog) but quite a bit has changed since then. I just don’t have as much interest having images of my daily outfits being posted or typing up the tedious things I did that day (not that I have anything against anyone doing this, seriously I did do it for over a year so it must have some positives). Now I've just been putting off posting here as it’s just not a place I connect with anymore, or I've been doing the odd post and then going back to procrastinating with something else.

To stop myself wasting a half- decent blog I’m going to change it up around here, this may mean my posts may be heavier in text than photo-ridden so consider yourselves warned. Hopefully this space won’t turn into a complete snooze-fest as I'm only going to be posting things I feel worth posting (which will still include posts about fashion of course).

I don’t want to seem as if I’m downplaying having a blog though! Personally I think everyone should have their own blog whether it’s on here or even tumblr, either way by having one you can make connections with so many people that you didn't know existed. There’s so many different uses for blogs and they’re so easy to make and accessible to most as well as less annoying than a Facebook profile page. 
jumper - Edinburgh Woollen Mill, necklace - charity shops

Returning back to the creative positivity that the Lake District creates, there should be more posts on here soon! X