Sunday, 12 April 2015

Style: A Further Insight

Hello again! what I want to explore today is the importance of style. Style has been seen to be unreachable to some, but I think it depends on the way you view style. From badges to ballgowns there plenty ways of expressing yourself. To get a further insight into other people's opinions I asked my friends Eve and Nikki questions around the topic of style whilst documenting some of their own outfits.

 First is Eve. Eve is a delightfully tiny person with a wonderful laugh and soul to match. If you think there is a chance of you not liking Eve, you're wrong.
jumper - vintage fair

top - Topshop
jeans - Topshop
shoes - Dr Marten (later featured)
 Secondly is Nikki. Me and Nikki are basically the same people but different somehow. One thing that you should also know about Nikki is that they will do everything in their path to make sure they're helping, always.
jumper - vintage shop
top - Primark
jeans - New Look
shoes - Schuh
jumper - New Look
t-shirt - H&M
skirt - a London market 
shoes - New Look
 What would you describe your style to be? 
Nikki: Androgynous. Some days I'll have traits of both genders, other days I'll try to express one gender more than the other. On days I'd rather look more feminine I may wear more pastel colours along with dresses or skirts. On days I'd rather look more masculine I may wear darker colours along with jeans, beanies and a binder.
Eve: Summery, floral. I suppose some times colourful.

What does your style mean to you? 
Eve: A form of self expression. It's important for me to reflect how I'm feeling that day and parts of my personality.
Nikki: A way to explore. Different days I will feel different ways about how I wish to dress. I'll mould my style to how I want to be treated or seen.

What has inspired your style up to this point?
Nikki: My sister, you, exploring the internet
Eve: Things I see in magazines. If I see something cool in the media (like Free The Nipple). Things that have an impact, that mean something to me. Emma Watson also: when she cut her hair short and the bare minimum of make-up that she wears.

 Do you feel there is a consensus about how our generation dresses?
Eve: Yeah, that we all wear skimpy outfits, crop tops and jerseys. Also, that we all dress the same.
Nikki: Yeah, there is a big gender, age, social & economic prejudice in terms of style.

 Do you feel that style is more accessible than people think? 
Nikki: In some cases. It's the little things I guess. Even just accessories can help people express themselves. However some people dressing the way they wish can be quite dangerous. Certain reasons such as gender and religion can prevent people from dressing as they wish.
Eve: Yeah. It can be hard for some as it is really easy to care about what people think. And once you've cut that chord it can be really nice and fun to express yourself.

What advice would you give someone else to lead them onto their way to discovering their own style? 
Eve:  I think just going into a shop or just looking at stuff and not worrying about what goes. Use it as a way to express you, not to impress others.
Nikki: For me, experimentation is key. It is okay to be one style one day and a different the next. You don't have to keep up to anyone's expectations.

Thank you for reading and I hope this has made you think about what style means to you. Also, don't be afraid to share your own opinions either by comment, blog post, or anywhere else!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Bribry and Dodie Clark concert 06/04

First things first I would like to mention in the picture of my journal there is a few mentions of the f-word so if you are offended by such matters, simply do not look at it. Also mentions of anxiety (fear or concerts and large groups of people).

On Monday night I went to see Bribry and Dodie at their gig/concert/whatever you wish to call it with a few of my friends. From the start it was a bumpy road. About a week ago I was thinking about the concert trying to plan things, silly me read the date as the 16th, while I'm away in the Lake District, so I reluctantly gave my ticket to my friend Nikki an didn't think about t again. However, after a shoot with my friends, me and Nikki decided to have a break watching Dan and Phil (my life is way too YouTube orientated) which caused Nikki to have a sudden reminder that the concert was the next day. Obviously I replied "No, it's not, otherwise I could go!!". Turns out, in the end, Nikki was right and I was bamboozled. 

After organising Nikki a ticket (thank the high heavens that there were more left) and furthher arrangements were made, I was finally going to the concert. However, I hadn't had enough time to mentally prepare myself (and no I don't mean in the fangirl way, no "ASDFGHJKL's" were happening), I hadn't been to a concert since Fall Out Boy last year and even then those were sitting tickets. Thoughts of small spaces trapped with many people filled my head and  led to my usual anxious thoughts. And then I freaked out. Quite a few times.
journal entry 06/04
I won't go into the freaking out, but it did leave me in an awkwardly short fringge situation and the confusion of me and my friends transport which wasn't particularly fun. In the end we arrived at the O2 ABC Glasgow around 5, which may seem early for a concert which is supposed to start at 7, but it isn't. We found ourselves just at the end of the street before the line had to go around the corner, which means that when either Bribry or Dodie emerged outside we only saw glimpses of them rather than getting to actually see them. In the end I didn't mind especially as it was especially easy to make friends (seriously, I just interrupted a conversation about American Horror Story and as soon as we knew it we had a group). 

During our wait we spent time getting to know each other, asking questions, talking about TV shows and so on. Chips were shared, fangirling happened, I shuddered due to not bringing a jacket (never trust Glasgow weather, even if it's sunny all day). Soon it was time to walk into the venue.
left to right: new friend, Dodie, new friend, me, BriBry, Nikki and Kezia (also Elliot being the cameraperson)
The room was surprisingly small. I didn't really know what to expect as I had never been to the O2 ABC before and I wasn't expecting arena size but it was still a shock to me. We went straight to audience found a good spot, spent time waiting, buying merch and then after a while Dodie appeared on the stage. 

Overall her performance was fantastic. Her voice was lovely, perhaps I struggled to see her at points as she isn't at the same sort of height as BriBry where no matter where you stand you can see him (he's 6'5, about foot taller than me), but that didn't matter as her talent seeped through that. Also, at one point she replied to me when I shouted out "we love you anyways" and said "I love you too" which was a wonderful moment.
Bribry came on after a while of waiting. It was strange, as years back in 2012 I had seen him perform at Upload 2 in the Garage (all the photos taken that night are long gone, except from an awful blackberry quality one of me in my gosh darn awful knee-high sock and dungaree combo and Luke Cutforth in his panda hat, a wee bit cringey), and I couldn't help but compare the two experiences. Back then there were probably just around a hundred people and it was only him and his guitar. But on Monday there were 300 people chanting away, full of excitement. On Monday he had a band with him and the energy to match. There is no other word to describe that but amazing.
Candice and I
Afterwards, as you can see, we got to meet them all. As it wasn't really my best of days in terms of anxiety I came off very awkward (and in the tiny chance any of you guys are reading this, I apologise). If I weren't having such an off time I probably would have actually talked to them like the people they are but I really hope they didn't view me as being starstruck or something, as to be honest I just like to see YouTubers as people I simply watch online, some of them being talented, some creative. Maybe I shouldn't think this through to much, but I guess it's simply an effect of my anxiety.
Eventually the night came to an end. We were told to leave the venue and made even more new friends while waiting for our lift home. It's strange how the concert was way more than watching them sing, it was an entire experience. If you get bored, you make friends and when they perform, it's magical. Concerts have a life of their own.
from BriBry's facebook
Thank you for reading this. In the future I hope to do a "My Point of View" blog post on generally going to concerts. 

I hope you're having a swell time and I'll be back soon!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

My Point of View: The Park

This post is hopefully the first in a series about places I visit, experiences and so on but how I see them to be, as if I were in a story. 

Feel free to do the same along the way with me and we can explore our thought process together. 

The Park

My nearby park is a favourite of mine. The mind can wander at its own pace, no stresses to occupy your experience. Just you, yourself and nature.
When I adventure I always like to bring a companion of dog form, specifically Jack. He knows the greatness of the park better than any other and the swish of his tail brings a smile to my face. Everything is new to him, everything is information: just one smell and you become enriched in intelligence.
As I walk nothing is said, making any sounds exaggerated. From afar people are laughing, playing, engaging, a whole world has been left behind from me yet I do not feel any sense of loneliness.
Alas, my park has been infiltrated and my thought are now at attack. What once was a place of serenity has become awkward small talk which eats at my anxieties and makes me bury into myself. My one superpower has been activated: to ignore. This power prevents entities from engaging with me and instead leads them in the opposite direction. I unfurl myself and wander on.
Jack has noticed I've been shaken and becomes the leader of the trail, I continue to walk behind and use my power when necessary. When times of calm arrive I soak in the air and smile to myself, knowing the world is my oyster.

The End.


jacket - vintage fair, top - charity shop, shorts - Beyond retro, boots - Dr Marten

Thursday, 2 April 2015

bad concentration and excessive rambling

Hello again, this is a quick update for here, just to say what has been going through head in terms of fashion etc. 

Recently I've been thinking about my prom (even though it's a year away), and I've been thinking about the possibility of designing my dress. I've been obsessed with 10 things I hate about you for quite some time (who doesn't love a cheesy movie with a slice of feminism at the side. Through watching it I became obsessed with Bianca's dress: the whole idea just reminded of some sort of ballerina at a ball! So here is some further inspo towards my future prom dress:
Kayla Hadlington

I also did a design of my actual dream prom dress. Esssentially it is a mix of the classic 90's crop top and tulle skirt/ fairy princess dress. I imagine this paired with ballerina shoes as admittedly I don't know how to walk in heels, maybe if I feel more confident closer to the time I will.

Since I haven't been here in ages, here are some journal pages. I'm not going to talk into depth about what inspired me or what these mean as it would delve into being too personal for here.
journal collage
written/drawn journal
Since there are no actual new outfit posts here, have some old reject photos that I felt didn't suit/fill a post themselves..

Sorry for the lack of writing in this post, I've just recently lost quite a lot of sleep so my physical symptoms of anxiety have been out of sync with the mental symptoms so I'm finding it too confusing causing me to struggle to concentrate.

Thank you for reading, I hope you're having a swell time!x