Thursday, 5 March 2015

you only had to ask

Hello again! I completely forgot to upload these outfits so I no longer remember their relevance (apologies for that). However I still wished to upload them as if I took pictures I must have at least thought they originally were blogable (yes that is most certainly a least in my dictionary). 

Currently I've been feeling strange, there are days where I feel completely uninspired and feel as if education is right for me and there are days when I plan out my every detail of revision. It's strange how a mood can effect everything you do: to the shoes you wear to how much you eat, and it seems even more strange when I try to understand my mood. Most of the time, probably like many of you, I prefer to go to a creative outlet to help guide my mood in the direction I hope it to be (this is possibly why my clothes are ridiculously bright) and let myself find myself to happiness. However, it's easier said then done, happiness is an achievement that needs to be fought for over a long time and nowadays when teenagehood is simply the constant striving for perfection it can seem a wee bit out of grasp.

This jacket was quite a risk as it is pretty massive on me however it's such a soft green and goes with the entirety of my stupidly big collection of floral patterned clothing so it's quite difficult to care about the size. I faintly remember the day I took this: we had a power cut and there wasn't much to do so I pranced outside practising with my photography in the rain (even though my hair hadn't dried yet from washing it), in the end my family had to resort to cold lunch which unlike our usual Saturdays, it severely lacked falafel.
recycled top - charity shop
skirt - Boohoo
jacket - vintage fair
Dr Martens - Schuh
Last weekend my friend organised a quiz night to raise money to go to Cambodia with the school and it was really well organised. As I come from a pretty competitive and nerdy family I perhaps took it more seriously than necessary (especially as I don't have enough knowledge to be able to pull off the competitive personality trait) but I don't really care enough to mind. Plus we won so I guess that prevents me from looking far past from the free box of chocolates I gained from the night and subsequently nearly finished before the night was over.
Sidenote: these photos were taken on my Dad's camera so feel free to tell me if you think these photos look better
This outfit is a favourite of mine as it's super adorable, includes a killer collar and is pretty comfy too. The dress I'm wearing in it is my go-to dress if I want to look presentable yet inside I'm feeling sloth-like, I think it's imperative that everyone has a dress like that, or if you're not a fan of dresses just swap it for your preferred choice of clothing.
dress - New Look
jumper - Wholesale7

Thank you for reading this post, I apologise for my rambling on, I've been in the strangest of places lately. However, I hope to keep this blog to have a somewhat regular flow of posts incoming.