Friday, 19 December 2014

There's a ghost in my lungs and it sighs when I sleep

 So as my brother lives in Edinburgh, we went to visit him the other day. I don't usually get the chance to go with as my parents usually go when I'm travelling or shopping or something or other so it was pretty nice to go back (especially as the last time I was in Edinburgh was for the fringe). It was also super cute as all the Christmas lights were in the background. I really do love the ethos it brings even though I don't celebrate Christmas, the only thing is that I've been really irritates me as they don't seem to realise that there are other religions existing (though I do know people of non-Christian religion or non-religious people to celebrate Christmas), but for me and large amount of others who don't celebrate Christmas, it's been a bit suffocating having Christmas music blaring at me while I eat while being surrounded by flashing lights and no other recognition of upcoming holidays? Though I'm frankly not surprised as they seem to only have Christian and Jewish assemblies (and those who aren't either are have to go to Christian assembly, we aren't a Christian school I don't understand????) 

I didn't mean to go off topic but school has been really irritating me lately as it's been really bad for my anxiety and I can't wait to not have to deal with people putting things like uniform in front of mental health. But on the point of Edinburgh, we arrived quite late in my families usual fashion so we went straight to eat to a cute wee italian restaurant (and also meant that my pictures came out odd due to the darkness and needed to be severly edited) and I had a delicious creamy mushroom pasta which unfortunately as I'm wheat intolerant was a very bad mistake (yeah I know, imagine all the pizza I'm missing out on).

(I apologise for the flash in this one, I promise I'm not usually that blindingly pale)

(when they said it was a large hot chocoate, I didn't think they meant bigger than my head)

 So after we ate, we dropped my big bro off at his flat and had a wee look around the market where I managed to buy a super cute bracelet and a notebook to add to my ever growing collection of notebooks I own. The Christmas market was absolutely magnificent, I've never seen such a grand Christmas market before: there was plenty of stalls and I was followed by the beautiful lights wherever I went. Of course, at the same time it was absolutely freezing so even though it was as beautiful as it was, we were not prepared to look around for too long.

(Edinburgh during the Fringe)

When we decided to head home we were unfortunately greeted by an awful line of traffic up the M8 and were stuck in it for around 40 minutes (I think). Thankfully, my Dad figured out how to get out of the traffic and we ended up arriving home at only about half past midnight (only), leaving me to have to take my outfit photos in the awful lighting that is my room:

turtleneck - charity shop 
striped jersey top - H&M 
skirt - Topshop 
shoes - Beyond Retro 

Also, as a wee update to you all, my currently I'm loving a-line skirts; Florence and The Machine's album Lungs; wearing a million jumpers all at the same time. Also, I just finished The OC (well, up to season 3 as I've heard pretty bad things about the fourth season) and I don't really know how to feel so I've been doing my usual post marathon-watching thing and moved myself back to the world of film and submerging myself into Wes Anderson's films.

Bye guys and I hope you all are having a super swell time whatever you're doing!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

London amongst other things

Hello again there! A while ago I went to London to visit my friends and whilst my tourist travels I managed to take a few blog-worthy photos so I thought it would be a swell idea to post them!
blazer - hand-me-down, shirt - gift, shorts - Beyond Retro, shoes - Dr Marten
I stole this blazer from my mum and I love it dearly, however I'm still struggling to get into the swing of shoulder pads, I may have shoulder pads in my school blazer which I wear 5 days a week but I find it just makes it harder for me to get into liking them! The only time I've ever liked the look of shoulder pads was when watching Heathers, but that still didn't sway me. However, as you can see I'm still wearing floral headwear even though it's winter time, It's always appropriate to wear faux flowers on your head!
flower crown - New Look, earrings - Accessorize, necklace - charity shop, tights - H&M

(I had to vigorously edit this photo as the lighting was difficult ) 
I apologise for this post being very text-light, I meant to post this last month but I never actually got myself to post it so I've lost all the London vibes. However, what I can tell you is that I had a splendid time: I went to Camden for the first time; did some belated Halloween partying; chilled with friends and did the usual tourist nonsense.  So bye from me and I hope you guys are having a super swell time.