Friday, 17 October 2014

Being respectful about your opinions (#1 thoughts and things)

Hello again everyone! So I wanted to start a blog series where I'd just blog what I was thinking about like normal bloggers do! I guess I've already started that with my anxiety post and my ageism post, but I thought why not make it into a series?? You guys seemed to enjoy it (and I know I sure enjoyed it) so here we go!

I'd like to start this series with a post about opinions and being respectful about them (as you will have obviously seen in the title *duhh Becky*). I really wanted to talk about this as it is becoming more and more prominent (and thus more frustrating) that when I talk to people about something I like, do or believe in etc. they will throw an opinion back. I of course have no issue with this as it's a normal thing to do, I mean we're having a conversation between two people not just me (though admittedly I do forget that quite often, sorry everyone) but sometimes their opinion is disrespectful, rude or even sexist or racist. I don't know what has happened this century but sometimes when people are given their voice they decide to take it away from themselves by acting like jerks (nice save there in cussing, #familyfriendly). This makes me even more annoyed because having freedom of speech is important and there have been many times that my opinion has been silenced because of my age, race, sex etc. or that I am too scared to voice my opinion (I won't even share my religion here because I'm too scared), not just because they are acting like an expired yoghurt. 

An experience which happens to me on way too many times is when I tell people that I'm vegetarian (I can already hear some of you gasping in your head) people often think of the veggie stereotype and accuse me of being one those vegetarians who throw their anti-meat opinions down meat eaters throats (which for the record I'm not, for those of you who don't know me) and then they just end up being really rude to me and act like stereotypical meat eaters towards me (yay irony). 
My point here is, basically don't be rude to others when they have not been rude to you. When I told those people I was veggie they started to treat me as if I were a stereotypical vegetarian, which sucked because I had done nothing to deserve that and caused myself to have quite a low opinion of them too. BE CAREFUL ABOUT HOW YOU PORTRAY YOUR OPINIONS. I mean, those people may have meant well towards me but they just ended up offending me and unfortunately it is their own fault for doing so. The reason why this is happening now is because people forget the line between criticising and just being rude to people, and crossing
the line can be the difference from being their fault for taking criticism badly or your fault for being an absolute piece of rotten tomato. 

basically... being rude  criticising 

Thank you all for reading, I hope y'all enjoyed this and there should be an outfit post on it's way soon!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday, 5 October 2014

A walk in the park

Hello again! It's nice to be back here, I've missed you guys *sends virtual hugs*, I hope you all are doing well whatever you are doing this moment and are having joyful times! I feel like you have missed out on loads, recently I have been very busy with my highers: I went to a modern studies conference (pretty much just writing down statistics of what the politicians and charities were saying); we received a talk for RMPS (religious moral philosophical studies) about a charity who helps children at risk around Scotland and I did my practical drama assessment! All in all it's been great to have things keeping me busy but it has been a bit too much. Fortunately, I'm now on holiday for a week to catch up with everything so I hope things will be a bit easier to cope with once I have. 

So yesterday I ventured out town for a wee shop and had my first ever pumpkin spice latte ever (mostly due to caffiene being a big no no for my anxiety, but oops)! I absolutely loved the latte and I can't wait to have another, even if I have to wait another year to have it! We also bought a few things from Primark (I may or may not have bought a man Christmas jumper even though I don't even celebrate Christmas, but oh well) and went window shopping in Urban Outfitters as nothing in there will ever be in my price range.   
rouken glen
Today we went to the park and it was so lovely and autumnal I had to take pictures. I love the way leaves turn brown and scatter across the ground like sprinkles on a cake, and how you need to be wary of conkers falling off trees whilst seeing small children (and unfortunately my dad) look for them after. Autumn is like a reminder to everyone that soon Christmas will light up the streets, foreign markets will arrive and and of course the Starbucks festive drinks. 
autumnal tones 
skirt - vintage
I recently got this skirt in a vintage market back in September at a vintage market with my friends. The market was great and I feel like I should maybe blog about my favourite shops and markets for buying clothes in Glasgow soon? I'm not sure, but back on the point of this skirt, I really love tartan and try to wear it every day and when I saw this I thought I was perfect as it's long and woolly so it keeps me warm in this Scottish weather!
boots - Dr Marten, necklace - charity shop
cardigan - charity shop, dress (worn as top) - New look
watch - Robinsons, tights - H&M

I heard miowing while I was taking these and turned around to find this little guy staring at me

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hopefully I'll be back soon again! If I don't blog anytime soon make sure to keep up with my instagram where I upload quite regularly!