Monday, 29 September 2014

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Confidence In Your Clothing!

So, after my dress sense developing over the year (I say year as believe it or not, it was only really into late 2013 that I got out of just wearing the same skinny jeans and the same baggy tops over again (though they were paired with the snazziest of shoes and jumpers I could find)) I've found many people commenting on it. And it's great to be complemented of course, but I find that people tell me that they wish they could be more "out there" with what they wear too, which leaves me to be very confused. I'm not sure if I have a different perception to clothing to everyone else, but the main reason I where such crazy combinations is pretty much as it is what gives me confidence, it makes me feel more "me".

The point I'm trying to make here is that it simply is my "normal" to wear the clothing that I do, I just don't simply see how it makes a great difference to what other people would wear. Clothing to me can be like make up to other; you are your own personal canvas so make of it as you will.

Now as I have expressed those thoughts, I thought you would appreciate an outfit post that I have had lurking in my drafts for quite some time.
jumper - charity shop, dress - charity shop, tights - primark, boots - Dr Marten 
Lately I have been much more mix matched with what I have been wearing as I have been on quite a few recent charity shop hauls and it's caused me to have such a wide variety of outfits to wear now as it's so easy to buy many pieces of clothing at the same time compared to going into town and visiting high street stores where prices are a quite a bit higher (which is especially important when you're like me and have no sense of money whatsoever). I feel as I get used to my ever-growing collection of clothes my outfits with become more "settled", if that makes any sense (still unsure if it does).
hairband - H&M, necklace - charity shop
 Thank you for reading again, and I'm hoping to post again ASAP so that I can catch up with all the outfits you guys have missed on, plus the many new outfits I'm planning on! 

p.s. Sorry for the lack of photos, I just came back to this post unhappy with the quality of most of them!

Monday, 15 September 2014

The bruises on your thighs like my fingerprints

So as I have been pretty awful with posts lately as all my subjects are essay subjects except from maths (which has a pretty large amount of studying with it anyways). I decided that I would try and get myself to at least post the pictures I want to if I feel that my usual additional ramblings are putting me off. So here are photos that I took a while ago when I went to lunch with my family.

jumper - newlook, shorts - Beyond Retro, tights - H&M, boots - Dr Marten, Bag - About Living

We went to our usual lunch place that is a café sort of style restaurant at a nearby park which we always go to (which suits me just swell due to my love of both scenery and food) and it never disappoints. My greatest battle I go through when we go there is having to decide whether to fully finish my main meal or not as the massive cookies and cream sundae they have is basically my favourite thing ever but I struggle so much to get myself to getting to eat it as I have already turned to sloth mode.
The bag in these photos was a present that my parents bought as an exam result present. As I was away while I was sent my exam results, my parents actually knew my results before me for quite few days and prepared themselves for and luckily they didn't have to prepare for much as I was super happy with what I got and I'm still flabbergasted on how I passed biology as I don't actually understand it (SQA, what are you on??), but I hope you all are happy with the results you got too!

In recent times I've been to quite a few debates with the Scottish referendum nearing and I'm enjoying the enthusiasm though I am utterly scared at the thought of Scotland's future either way, being the worrybox that I am. I'm deciding not to post my opinions here as I feel that it's more important that people get the facts rather than opinions at this point in time especially as there seem to be many misused facts on each side. Whichever side you vote (if you are voting), I just hope it's an educated vote.

Also, I almost forgot to mention, I have a new facebook page which you can like here!