Friday, 29 August 2014

The Fringe

Hello again! Urgh, you may have guessed that I'm struggling to fit in my blogging by the lack of blogs going up. I have a few outfits on the way and everything but I also have a few (million) pieces of work and homework that I've been trying to do as well (damn you education). What I'm learning from my hermit phase going at the moment is that I can work hours on end as long as I have music by my side to stop me from going insane. The main point here is that I'm back once more, so this outfit is from when I visited Edinburgh for the Fringe festival. 
earrings - Accessorize
We started the day in a slightly frantic manner as my family were unsure of the train times and the walking distance and we wanted to make sure we wouldn't miss our first event of the day (The Word Café), but fortunately our lack of preparedness didn't prevent us from reaching there in time (and having a wee spot of lunch too). To continue our good luck, The Word Café was fantastic. It was in such an intimate space with very few people there, which really suits my intolerance for large crowds, and the poets and the musician were just genuinely brilliant at what they did. 
jumper - charity shop, shirt - charity shop, skirt - H&M, tights - charity shop, satchel - Robinsons

Our good luck seemed to continue as after we went to see the Cambridge Footlights, who are upcoming comedians (which many british comedians started from) and I do admit there may have been a few glitches that I spotted but overall they were a hit, I especially appreciated the fact that they were actually funny (a big fear I have is going to a comedy show and the comedians just can't make the audience laugh). After this I was over the moon for it to be time for dinner, for which we went to Café Rouge. Due to the restaurant being French I wasn't actually sure what I ordered (yes, I know that sounds super dodgy but I'm still here so I'm guessing there wasn't anything bad in it), however it was super nice and full of veggies, so why not?
necklace - charity shop
The last event of the day was a impressionist Jess Robinson and she was just absolutely amazing in both personality and impressions. It was a perfect end to the night; she was just full of energy, every impression was spot on, there was variety and it was just overall really entertaining. I just realised how repetitive that sounded, oh well.

shoes - Beyond Retro
 I hope you enjoyed my first fashion post in what feels like ages, and I should be back soon!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

UPDATE: Summer

So you all know through my previous posts that I have been going from place to place for the entirety of my summer holiday, if not you may have probably realised from the lack of posting (which I was attempting to avoid, but when one is so exhausted from business, they don't feel the blog posting vibes). So on my return to my blog, I seem to have quite a lot to update y'all with due to my departure so here it goes...

Israel Tour

So just a few days after I arrived home from Majorca I left again to go to London where I'd be meeting the people I'd be to touring round Israel for the next 3 and half weeks. The only way for me to describe the entire experience is unforgettable; I made friends for life, faced my fears and I just overall gained so much from it all. This in itself is such a difficult thing to post about as there where so many individual experiences that I could do entire posts on; becoming a mountain goat from all the hikes, abseiling in the desert, lying under the stars in the desert, experiencing Gadna (basic IDF training) or even trying to figure out if I should haggle at the markets! I would just like to take this moment to thank my parents for letting me go on tour and my new and old friends for sticking by me as well as being the wonderful people you are! 

My tour group/ best friends for life (I'm in the bottom row, second from the right)
Gadna uniform
facing my fears (as you do)


So the day after I arrived home I left to go to Aviemore with my family, which even though may have not been the best of ideas considering how exhausted I was from all my adventures turned out to be a very nice break! Being my quiet naturalistic self, going to a land of woodland and the odd squirrel managed to make me feel more homely than even my own home could have (I guess in a past life I was a red squirrel). 


The magical wonder of hair 

So this is not much of an update, but depending whether you follow me on other interweb app thingmybobs, you won't know of the fact that my hair is even crazier before, as my life goal is to have hair as fabulous as Grimes.


Summer camp 

So as you may or may not know, my Israel tour was with a youth organisation called JLGB (which is leniently army-based) which also runs a summer camp every year (and I have been going every year to since 2010). Summer camp is always amazing, not necessarily due to the activities we do there, but more just "the togetherness" (JLGB private joke) as such. However, there was a slight difference this year to all my other camps is that I was Lance-sergeant (in other words I was a young leader), which I was super excited for as I had spent years looking up to my sergeants, thinking 'wow, I wish I was as confident and full of spirit'. Fortunately, due to my years of camps I have grown into a much more confident person and I feel as if I did a good job which in itself makes me feel more confident (yay for positive cycles!). 
(this is my friend Ellie and I smiling in our JLGB uniform)

Back to school 

As I'm Scottish, one of the downfalls I have to deal with is starting school in August, so as you English people still relaxing I have already returned to the place of worrying about my future which they call school. Such fun has been spent working hours on homework already! It's strange how I've felt such a jump up in work and pressure this year than last year already even though we've just started. I feel as if it's important for us to get our heads in the game straight away as it makes it easier to adapt back into school life. 

So I hope you understand why I've been away from my blog for so long and I should be back soon!