Thursday, 10 July 2014

Majorca - A holiday through scenery

Hello again guys! This is very strange as I'm basically blogging for future me as I am already in Israel prancing about and snapping up some photos for here, rather than posting on the day that I actually made this post. So back to the post here (rather than my nonsense rambles), when I was in Majorca I found myself saying that it looked as if it were a dream, so here are some pictures I took so you can enjoy it too! 

This was the town square which held the most popular restaurants of where we stayed were all around the square, or in the side streets. However my favourite part of the square was not the food (to which my stomach gasps at me), but it was how beautiful it looked. The restaurants were in a 'U' formation of sorts around what I think was a town hall (I forgot to check, I just admired it from a distance mostly). Also, a main part of the square's beauty was how it still has nature that you can look upon, whether it be the trees or the mountainous background it managed to fulfil my naturist expectations. 

This simply was the beach, admittedly we didn't really go to the beach as such (we just passed by it on our walks), but it rippled relaxation in it's waves and I felt the palm-trees to be placed in such a way that made it look like it came out of a fantasy. Sometimes with beaches I feel as if you appreciate more if you don't actually go on them, with all the sand that appears out of nowhere (months and months later) or rubbish on the ground and I could go on but I feel danisnotonfire's video settles it really.

On the holiday we went out on 2 excursions, unfortunately my memory has already faded so I can't say which one I took this picture on. However, I can tell you the the obvious reason why I took this photo which how blue the water was! The water amazes me especially as this photo doesn't even do it justice, I swear there may be a conspiracy going if they dye the water!

These photos were from when we walked up a ridiculously massive set of steps, I mention this in my last post however so I won't go into great detail. The first photo is a panorama of the view you see from the highest of heights and of course the second was from walking back down. 

Admittedly, it is impossible to get an especially good photo at night (I mean I struggle taking nice photos in the day if it's partially dim!), but it's not how the photo looks that drew me to post it here, it was more the sentimentality. This was taken the last night of my holiday, were my mum decided that it would be a swell idea to enjoy the night sea breeze, and so she was right! It was so nice and calming, especially while hearing live music near us, it was somewhat of a dream!

I hope you're having a swell time and I'll see you next time!