Friday, 19 December 2014

There's a ghost in my lungs and it sighs when I sleep

 So as my brother lives in Edinburgh, we went to visit him the other day. I don't usually get the chance to go with as my parents usually go when I'm travelling or shopping or something or other so it was pretty nice to go back (especially as the last time I was in Edinburgh was for the fringe). It was also super cute as all the Christmas lights were in the background. I really do love the ethos it brings even though I don't celebrate Christmas, the only thing is that I've been really irritates me as they don't seem to realise that there are other religions existing (though I do know people of non-Christian religion or non-religious people to celebrate Christmas), but for me and large amount of others who don't celebrate Christmas, it's been a bit suffocating having Christmas music blaring at me while I eat while being surrounded by flashing lights and no other recognition of upcoming holidays? Though I'm frankly not surprised as they seem to only have Christian and Jewish assemblies (and those who aren't either are have to go to Christian assembly, we aren't a Christian school I don't understand????) 

I didn't mean to go off topic but school has been really irritating me lately as it's been really bad for my anxiety and I can't wait to not have to deal with people putting things like uniform in front of mental health. But on the point of Edinburgh, we arrived quite late in my families usual fashion so we went straight to eat to a cute wee italian restaurant (and also meant that my pictures came out odd due to the darkness and needed to be severly edited) and I had a delicious creamy mushroom pasta which unfortunately as I'm wheat intolerant was a very bad mistake (yeah I know, imagine all the pizza I'm missing out on).

(I apologise for the flash in this one, I promise I'm not usually that blindingly pale)

(when they said it was a large hot chocoate, I didn't think they meant bigger than my head)

 So after we ate, we dropped my big bro off at his flat and had a wee look around the market where I managed to buy a super cute bracelet and a notebook to add to my ever growing collection of notebooks I own. The Christmas market was absolutely magnificent, I've never seen such a grand Christmas market before: there was plenty of stalls and I was followed by the beautiful lights wherever I went. Of course, at the same time it was absolutely freezing so even though it was as beautiful as it was, we were not prepared to look around for too long.

(Edinburgh during the Fringe)

When we decided to head home we were unfortunately greeted by an awful line of traffic up the M8 and were stuck in it for around 40 minutes (I think). Thankfully, my Dad figured out how to get out of the traffic and we ended up arriving home at only about half past midnight (only), leaving me to have to take my outfit photos in the awful lighting that is my room:

turtleneck - charity shop 
striped jersey top - H&M 
skirt - Topshop 
shoes - Beyond Retro 

Also, as a wee update to you all, my currently I'm loving a-line skirts; Florence and The Machine's album Lungs; wearing a million jumpers all at the same time. Also, I just finished The OC (well, up to season 3 as I've heard pretty bad things about the fourth season) and I don't really know how to feel so I've been doing my usual post marathon-watching thing and moved myself back to the world of film and submerging myself into Wes Anderson's films.

Bye guys and I hope you all are having a super swell time whatever you're doing!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

London amongst other things

Hello again there! A while ago I went to London to visit my friends and whilst my tourist travels I managed to take a few blog-worthy photos so I thought it would be a swell idea to post them!
blazer - hand-me-down, shirt - gift, shorts - Beyond Retro, shoes - Dr Marten
I stole this blazer from my mum and I love it dearly, however I'm still struggling to get into the swing of shoulder pads, I may have shoulder pads in my school blazer which I wear 5 days a week but I find it just makes it harder for me to get into liking them! The only time I've ever liked the look of shoulder pads was when watching Heathers, but that still didn't sway me. However, as you can see I'm still wearing floral headwear even though it's winter time, It's always appropriate to wear faux flowers on your head!
flower crown - New Look, earrings - Accessorize, necklace - charity shop, tights - H&M

(I had to vigorously edit this photo as the lighting was difficult ) 
I apologise for this post being very text-light, I meant to post this last month but I never actually got myself to post it so I've lost all the London vibes. However, what I can tell you is that I had a splendid time: I went to Camden for the first time; did some belated Halloween partying; chilled with friends and did the usual tourist nonsense.  So bye from me and I hope you guys are having a super swell time.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Coming out of the woodwork

Woah, hey there! I haven't seen you guys in a while. I have to be honest, I forgot about my blog. I know, ridiculous right? It seems to be that lately I've been so utterly occupied by such copious amounts of things to do and places to be that some things have been losing out because of it. So what have I been up to? Well the obvious school, most important year etc, but also I recently turned sixteen! I always find birthdays difficult to deal with in all honesty. In theory, birthdays are a wonderful idea to celebrate, life is a pretty wonderful thing! However, I find it quite difficult dealing with all the attention from others, which makes me feel guilty as I know people are only trying to be nice which makes me feel even more awkward. Fortunately, this year I kept quiet about it and I didn't have to deal with people I have never seen before at school from talking to me. Jeez, this post is making me seem very antisocial. 

Anyway, here is an outfit post as today I had a quick browse through the charity shops nearby, as just like my blog, I had abandoned shopping for other things. I was super lucky to find a few cute items (one of them being the yellow jumper in this post). ALSO, I would like to apologise for the socks and leggings/no leggings I was just too lazy to sort out that situation (though I do highly recommend the socks though, they are especially cozy and warm, as well as super cheap as I bought them from the amazing Primark).
jumper - charity shop, necklace - charity shop, shorts - Beyond Retro, earrings - vintage fair

These glasses are vintage and I'm still yet to have lenses put in but I really wanted to use them for this outfit post as they are so cute (though, I really want lenses put in so I can see well and feel cute)

I really like how these photos came out, I haven't taken blog photos that recently so I forgot about the process, but out of all my blog photos these ones definitely have the best lighting! And on the note of photos, my photos might increase in quality soon as I bought a new camera for my birthday. Though I'm still working out how to use the camera, so don't expect any like that coming out too soon! 

See you soon! x

Friday, 17 October 2014

Being respectful about your opinions (#1 thoughts and things)

Hello again everyone! So I wanted to start a blog series where I'd just blog what I was thinking about like normal bloggers do! I guess I've already started that with my anxiety post and my ageism post, but I thought why not make it into a series?? You guys seemed to enjoy it (and I know I sure enjoyed it) so here we go!

I'd like to start this series with a post about opinions and being respectful about them (as you will have obviously seen in the title *duhh Becky*). I really wanted to talk about this as it is becoming more and more prominent (and thus more frustrating) that when I talk to people about something I like, do or believe in etc. they will throw an opinion back. I of course have no issue with this as it's a normal thing to do, I mean we're having a conversation between two people not just me (though admittedly I do forget that quite often, sorry everyone) but sometimes their opinion is disrespectful, rude or even sexist or racist. I don't know what has happened this century but sometimes when people are given their voice they decide to take it away from themselves by acting like jerks (nice save there in cussing, #familyfriendly). This makes me even more annoyed because having freedom of speech is important and there have been many times that my opinion has been silenced because of my age, race, sex etc. or that I am too scared to voice my opinion (I won't even share my religion here because I'm too scared), not just because they are acting like an expired yoghurt. 

An experience which happens to me on way too many times is when I tell people that I'm vegetarian (I can already hear some of you gasping in your head) people often think of the veggie stereotype and accuse me of being one those vegetarians who throw their anti-meat opinions down meat eaters throats (which for the record I'm not, for those of you who don't know me) and then they just end up being really rude to me and act like stereotypical meat eaters towards me (yay irony). 
My point here is, basically don't be rude to others when they have not been rude to you. When I told those people I was veggie they started to treat me as if I were a stereotypical vegetarian, which sucked because I had done nothing to deserve that and caused myself to have quite a low opinion of them too. BE CAREFUL ABOUT HOW YOU PORTRAY YOUR OPINIONS. I mean, those people may have meant well towards me but they just ended up offending me and unfortunately it is their own fault for doing so. The reason why this is happening now is because people forget the line between criticising and just being rude to people, and crossing
the line can be the difference from being their fault for taking criticism badly or your fault for being an absolute piece of rotten tomato. 

basically... being rude  criticising 

Thank you all for reading, I hope y'all enjoyed this and there should be an outfit post on it's way soon!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday, 5 October 2014

A walk in the park

Hello again! It's nice to be back here, I've missed you guys *sends virtual hugs*, I hope you all are doing well whatever you are doing this moment and are having joyful times! I feel like you have missed out on loads, recently I have been very busy with my highers: I went to a modern studies conference (pretty much just writing down statistics of what the politicians and charities were saying); we received a talk for RMPS (religious moral philosophical studies) about a charity who helps children at risk around Scotland and I did my practical drama assessment! All in all it's been great to have things keeping me busy but it has been a bit too much. Fortunately, I'm now on holiday for a week to catch up with everything so I hope things will be a bit easier to cope with once I have. 

So yesterday I ventured out town for a wee shop and had my first ever pumpkin spice latte ever (mostly due to caffiene being a big no no for my anxiety, but oops)! I absolutely loved the latte and I can't wait to have another, even if I have to wait another year to have it! We also bought a few things from Primark (I may or may not have bought a man Christmas jumper even though I don't even celebrate Christmas, but oh well) and went window shopping in Urban Outfitters as nothing in there will ever be in my price range.   
rouken glen
Today we went to the park and it was so lovely and autumnal I had to take pictures. I love the way leaves turn brown and scatter across the ground like sprinkles on a cake, and how you need to be wary of conkers falling off trees whilst seeing small children (and unfortunately my dad) look for them after. Autumn is like a reminder to everyone that soon Christmas will light up the streets, foreign markets will arrive and and of course the Starbucks festive drinks. 
autumnal tones 
skirt - vintage
I recently got this skirt in a vintage market back in September at a vintage market with my friends. The market was great and I feel like I should maybe blog about my favourite shops and markets for buying clothes in Glasgow soon? I'm not sure, but back on the point of this skirt, I really love tartan and try to wear it every day and when I saw this I thought I was perfect as it's long and woolly so it keeps me warm in this Scottish weather!
boots - Dr Marten, necklace - charity shop
cardigan - charity shop, dress (worn as top) - New look
watch - Robinsons, tights - H&M

I heard miowing while I was taking these and turned around to find this little guy staring at me

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hopefully I'll be back soon again! If I don't blog anytime soon make sure to keep up with my instagram where I upload quite regularly!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Confidence In Your Clothing!

So, after my dress sense developing over the year (I say year as believe it or not, it was only really into late 2013 that I got out of just wearing the same skinny jeans and the same baggy tops over again (though they were paired with the snazziest of shoes and jumpers I could find)) I've found many people commenting on it. And it's great to be complemented of course, but I find that people tell me that they wish they could be more "out there" with what they wear too, which leaves me to be very confused. I'm not sure if I have a different perception to clothing to everyone else, but the main reason I where such crazy combinations is pretty much as it is what gives me confidence, it makes me feel more "me".

The point I'm trying to make here is that it simply is my "normal" to wear the clothing that I do, I just don't simply see how it makes a great difference to what other people would wear. Clothing to me can be like make up to other; you are your own personal canvas so make of it as you will.

Now as I have expressed those thoughts, I thought you would appreciate an outfit post that I have had lurking in my drafts for quite some time.
jumper - charity shop, dress - charity shop, tights - primark, boots - Dr Marten 
Lately I have been much more mix matched with what I have been wearing as I have been on quite a few recent charity shop hauls and it's caused me to have such a wide variety of outfits to wear now as it's so easy to buy many pieces of clothing at the same time compared to going into town and visiting high street stores where prices are a quite a bit higher (which is especially important when you're like me and have no sense of money whatsoever). I feel as I get used to my ever-growing collection of clothes my outfits with become more "settled", if that makes any sense (still unsure if it does).
hairband - H&M, necklace - charity shop
 Thank you for reading again, and I'm hoping to post again ASAP so that I can catch up with all the outfits you guys have missed on, plus the many new outfits I'm planning on! 

p.s. Sorry for the lack of photos, I just came back to this post unhappy with the quality of most of them!

Monday, 15 September 2014

The bruises on your thighs like my fingerprints

So as I have been pretty awful with posts lately as all my subjects are essay subjects except from maths (which has a pretty large amount of studying with it anyways). I decided that I would try and get myself to at least post the pictures I want to if I feel that my usual additional ramblings are putting me off. So here are photos that I took a while ago when I went to lunch with my family.

jumper - newlook, shorts - Beyond Retro, tights - H&M, boots - Dr Marten, Bag - About Living

We went to our usual lunch place that is a café sort of style restaurant at a nearby park which we always go to (which suits me just swell due to my love of both scenery and food) and it never disappoints. My greatest battle I go through when we go there is having to decide whether to fully finish my main meal or not as the massive cookies and cream sundae they have is basically my favourite thing ever but I struggle so much to get myself to getting to eat it as I have already turned to sloth mode.
The bag in these photos was a present that my parents bought as an exam result present. As I was away while I was sent my exam results, my parents actually knew my results before me for quite few days and prepared themselves for and luckily they didn't have to prepare for much as I was super happy with what I got and I'm still flabbergasted on how I passed biology as I don't actually understand it (SQA, what are you on??), but I hope you all are happy with the results you got too!

In recent times I've been to quite a few debates with the Scottish referendum nearing and I'm enjoying the enthusiasm though I am utterly scared at the thought of Scotland's future either way, being the worrybox that I am. I'm deciding not to post my opinions here as I feel that it's more important that people get the facts rather than opinions at this point in time especially as there seem to be many misused facts on each side. Whichever side you vote (if you are voting), I just hope it's an educated vote.

Also, I almost forgot to mention, I have a new facebook page which you can like here!

Friday, 29 August 2014

The Fringe

Hello again! Urgh, you may have guessed that I'm struggling to fit in my blogging by the lack of blogs going up. I have a few outfits on the way and everything but I also have a few (million) pieces of work and homework that I've been trying to do as well (damn you education). What I'm learning from my hermit phase going at the moment is that I can work hours on end as long as I have music by my side to stop me from going insane. The main point here is that I'm back once more, so this outfit is from when I visited Edinburgh for the Fringe festival. 
earrings - Accessorize
We started the day in a slightly frantic manner as my family were unsure of the train times and the walking distance and we wanted to make sure we wouldn't miss our first event of the day (The Word Café), but fortunately our lack of preparedness didn't prevent us from reaching there in time (and having a wee spot of lunch too). To continue our good luck, The Word Café was fantastic. It was in such an intimate space with very few people there, which really suits my intolerance for large crowds, and the poets and the musician were just genuinely brilliant at what they did. 
jumper - charity shop, shirt - charity shop, skirt - H&M, tights - charity shop, satchel - Robinsons

Our good luck seemed to continue as after we went to see the Cambridge Footlights, who are upcoming comedians (which many british comedians started from) and I do admit there may have been a few glitches that I spotted but overall they were a hit, I especially appreciated the fact that they were actually funny (a big fear I have is going to a comedy show and the comedians just can't make the audience laugh). After this I was over the moon for it to be time for dinner, for which we went to Café Rouge. Due to the restaurant being French I wasn't actually sure what I ordered (yes, I know that sounds super dodgy but I'm still here so I'm guessing there wasn't anything bad in it), however it was super nice and full of veggies, so why not?
necklace - charity shop
The last event of the day was a impressionist Jess Robinson and she was just absolutely amazing in both personality and impressions. It was a perfect end to the night; she was just full of energy, every impression was spot on, there was variety and it was just overall really entertaining. I just realised how repetitive that sounded, oh well.

shoes - Beyond Retro
 I hope you enjoyed my first fashion post in what feels like ages, and I should be back soon!