Wednesday, 20 May 2015

"Little YouTube"

So today's post is slightly inspired by Ashley Mardell's new video so you might wan't to check her out first,or maybe check that out first if you wish!

As YouTube has become a more mainstream topic the YouTubers on the platform have become bigger in terms of subscriptions and views. So as this has happened, an entire community of smaller YouTubers have been forgotten.

Personally I have no issue with there being big/famous YouTubers. I watch these people for entertainment and that's what I get. I know that these people put up fronts of smiley faces, may script their videos, put more make up on in their videos than in real life and do dozens of takes before the final finished video but I am still perfectly happy to watch.These videos don't need to be a reality as the people who watch them have their own realities and simply subscribe for the light-heartedness of the community or whatever reason. As in the end we as the viewer know that YouTube has a become a job.

However I can perfectly understand why being a part of "Little YouTube" is so attractive. I like the idea of having my own platform to share whatever I wish to share without having the responsibility of so many subscribers, I mean that was the exact reason I started my blog.

However those are simply just my views. If any of you guys have a different opinion please feel free to share as I am really interested in this (as with most topics around YouTube because I spend way too much time on there, it's essentially my virtual home).

And on the topic of YouTube, I think I would like to start using my channel. I don't know whether I'd keep doing vlogs as I find it to be a little nerve-racking but I quite like the idea of making some form of video content above this blog as it would be a good way to explore a different platform.

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